Monday, September 22, 2014

Ich hab ein auto bekommen. Hammer zeit.

More mission buddies! Elder Norman is there! 
" I got a car. Hammer Time." 

Pics from the mission conference.
We got a car this last week. Yay. Super excited for that. Our zone got a lot bigger and so Präsident Stoddard thought it would be good to get a car so we can get around easier. I also got myself a German drivers license!! Woooooo, Ill be driving. 

So this was just a wonderful week. I really enjoyed it. At the beginning of the week I got to go up to Koblenz to visit their DDM. I then stayed afterwards with Elder Renn on a split. Really good time. 

Next day, came back to Wiesbaden and just worked on a CCM report for our Stake Präsident and Präsident Stoddard. Lots of numbers. 

On Mittwoch we split with the Elders in Usingen. Elder Penrod came to Wiesbaden and I worked with him. He is also a really good guy. He is the DL is Usingen. We met with Blanca and had a pretty solid appointment. Talked about church attendance. Still trying to get her and the family to attend church. After that we helped the new older missionary couple get registered at the city offices. The Stevens are awesome. I really like missionary couples. They are a huge help to us. 

Also as we were doing some streets we ran into an American soldier and talked to him for a while. Really nice guy. He is getting deployed in a month so he asked us to pray for him. He also wants to take us to dinner.

The next day was pretty cool. We went to President Stoddards home for interviews and lunch. That was really really good. He is so awesome. We were eating apples and I asked him why I get a weird sensation when I eat apples (Mom insert - President Stoddard is a medical Dr). He peeled one and then had me eat it. Nothing happened. Präsident then informed me that I have a slight allergy to apple peels. Weird right? Never knew that, haha. My interview was also very good. President is a very good man. 

So yeah. That was my week. Really really good. Also we had a new investigator come to church. His name is Paulo. Pray for him. I’m really excited because a member invited him and we are going to teach him again tonight at the members home!

Thank you all for your emails this week. They were awesome. I love you all so much. 


Elder Nikora Anderson 

*Elder Anderson sent several pictures this week, but some of them couldn't be opened/downloaded.  These pics are from last week's Mission Conference.  Elder Nik forgot his camera so he asked fellow Missionaries to send him pics that he'd been in.  

Most of our MTC group. Love them. 

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