Monday, April 14, 2014

Erfurt Beginn Wirklich Wie Zu Hause Fühlen‏

"Erfurt is really starting to feel like home"

This last week was a super solid week, the work is starting to really move forward and this place is really starting to feel like a home away from home.

So this last week for P-day the entire Zone came out to Erfurt. There is this month long Frühlings fest that goes on right on DomPlatz. It happens every year. So when you come and pick me up in a year, we can come back and visit Erfurt and visit the fair, haha, hint hint. But it is way fun. They have a ton of Carnival rides and what not. It is pretty fun.

This week they had Zone Training in Erfurt. So the zone was here again on Mittwoch (Wednsday)! It was really good and the Zone Leaders threw mashed potatoes at me as part of an object lesson, haha. Punks. They got the idea from the General Conference talk. It was a good lesson though, and it was way fun :) I really love this zone.

So this week an investigator named Nargila called us up. She needed help moving a piano. Normy and I thought it was just going to be a small Piano, but when we got there we realized that this was a full size Piano! And we had to take it up steps! Just me and Normy. We made some make shift shoulder straps with some rope and we got it up the stairs finally after about an hour. It was crazy. And then we had to push this thing through the city about 1 mile away! Haha. Luckily for us this random Russian guy comes up with a piano cart and helped us push it along. Really nice guy. He might have interest in the Gospel. He is a piano worker, "UFC" fighter and owns a massage parlor. So that was a real adventure, haha. I got pics but I’ll send them next week, I forgot my cord. :(  Oh and then we get home and I take off my shirt and there are blood blisters all over my shoulders and back from our make shift shoulder straps!! Haha Might need to go over to Anatovoli's place for a massage haha.  

During the week we met with one of the most animated members in the ward. His name is Brüder Schulze. He made us this food called DDR schnitzel. I will need to run a couple of 5ks to burn that one off haha. But at his house, he noticed that I had big holes in my socks. And he was like, “no no, that won’t be happening to my missionaries”.  And then this humble guy went into his room and gave me a couple pairs of socks! He is seriously such a great guy.

Then later on in the week on Saturday, we got invited to this member’s 80th  birthday party! A ton of members were there and I just felt so welcomed and at home. And then to top that all off there was this member named Maik. He asked if we wanted to walk home with him and his wife. It was about a 20 min walk. And it was just a walk. But I really feel at home here. Erfurt is a good place.

As far as investigators and stuff goes, we are doing pretty good. We met with one of them last week and tried to commit him to baptism. But he said no and we think we might have scared him away. So please pray that he will keep on meeting with us! We are also meeting with a ton of less actives every week. Life is good. No baptisms yet. Key word, YET. But we got a ton of stuff to keep us busy and life is treating us real good :) !

I love you guys! Thanks for all the support.

Spiritual thought for the week.

Moses 1:39 read it. Think about it. how cool is it that god loves us enough to give us eternal and everlasting life?!

Also. I am following up. Have you guys all gotten your own Preach my Gospel? If no, Go get one, or I will order one to the house for you. And If yes. good :) what did you guys learn?? You too, Kyrstin. What have you learned this week :)? Haha.

Gotta bounce, love you guys!


Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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