Monday, January 13, 2014

Meine erste Woche in Erfurt‏

"Saying goodbye to Domingo and Stan!
Stan actually cried. Love that dude, I wanna introduce you guys to him one day."
“My First week in Erfurt”

Well here I am, the East part of the Frankfurt Germany Mission. Haha. Serving in Erfurt the largest city in the Erfurt zone. I am pretty excited for the opportunity that I have to learn and to grow out here. This place is legendary for being a tougher zone!

First off my New comp. His name is Elder Gamble. He says he is from all over the place. He likes zombies and guns. He also likes Ballroom dancing. He is a great kid and I have the wonderful privilege of killing the kid (that means I’m his last comp because he goes home next cycle). We are getting along pretty well. He is a really nice kid and I am excited to learn a ton from him.

The ward out here is really interesting. Well actually it’s just a branch, but there are less than 20  people showing up to church each week. And I thought Erlangen and Solingen were small, haha! But the people out here are good people and I am stoked for the opportunity that I have to work with them.

It was hard saying goodbye to everyone in Solingen. I made some really good friends out there and I learned to love old people, haha. Solingen was really good for me and I learned what the lord wanted me to learn!

I’m excited to give it my all out here in Erfurt. I know that with faith and prayers (a ton of prayers on your end) and the help of the Lord we can make Erfurt an even better stronger branch of the Lords kingdom!

Sorry this one is a little bit shorter, but you guys are all amazing. I love you so much!

Thank you all for everything and the Happy Birthday wishes!

Love you!

Elder Anderson

"Hey look what I finally got my hands on!  MTC pics from Hawker and Muller."

(It took a small miracle to get those matching German flag colored ties out to these 

boys before they left the MTC.  This is literally the day they got them and the day before
 they left for Germany.  Nik had taken pics of his District with their ties, but in transit
 the memory card somehow got corrupted and nothing was to be retrieved.  It made me
 so sad!  Way back when, I asked him to try to track down pics from the other Elders
 in his District. Especially from that day.  He got it done!)

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