Monday, December 16, 2013

Ich habe diese Woche viel gelernt!‏

"I learned a lot this week" 

Another week down in Solingen! Hey loved ones, this week was really good and I just learned a lot.

So this week we had an appointment with our investigator Nancy! We were planning on the whole time with her taking about an hour and a half. But in the end it ended up taking our entire day! We had to ride a train and bus for about 1 hour and then we get to her house and she wasn’t there! So we were calling her, trying to get a hold of her and then once we finally had, she was like, “oh I’m like an hour away on the other side of the city!” Yay! Haha, but it was all OK. 3 hours after the appointment was supposed to be, we finally met up with her at the city mall! We had a really good discussion and she is doing a little bit better now. She is still going through a rough time right now, but I believe that things are really headed in the right direction with her. 

Contacting story of the week: We were doing doors and a less active member goes by. We had doored probably 20 doors. I was sorta getting tired of having the door slammed in my face over and over! So luckily, we knock on this door and this African lady comes out and she was just really friendly. It didn’t go anywhere right away, but she was really friendly and you come to appreciate the smallest acts of kindness out here! So yeah, like it hasn’t gone anywhere as of yet, but the lady was way nice and she seemed really receptive. She was in a rush to get to work, so she didn’t have much time to talk to us right then, but we are going back and hopefully things work out! 

Kevin is still doing great and he is still on track to be baptized next week! Augh, I am so excited. Kevin is a stud, and it’s been really great getting to teach him! 

Also this week we had our ward Christmas party! It was way fun and Santa came and gave gifts to all the little kids and the missionaries! So yay I got a really big bag of candy from Santa. Haha!

Another great week down! 

Love, Elder Anderson 

This is Stan the Man, I’ve been working really closely with this guy for a long time. He was less active but he has started coming to church and we are helping him work towards going through the temple. He is a spaz and I love the guy. He is like my crazy German Grandpa! He came up to me at our Christmas party and just handed me a hat and was like, “Wear it, I need a pic with ‘meine homie!"  

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