Monday, November 4, 2013

Eine Wunderschöne Woche‏

Hey loved ones! This week has been super awesome. I am growing a ton and the work is really starting to move forward now. This week we were able to watch The Hastening of the Work of Salvation broadcast with our Ward before Fast and Testimony meeting. That was an amazing experience because after watching the broadcast so many people were bearing testimonies about missionary work and how they need to do better at working with the missionaries. Working with members is the way to do missionary work now. Literally, door to door is so ineffective, especially in Germany. So getting the members to work with us is of great importance. I know that the Lord would not prepare and have so many more missionaries called without first preparing a ton more people!!

Contacting story of the week: We were doing doors (bad, doors are bad.. we only do them when we have nothing else to do)  and then we got into this one apartment, as we are walking up the stairs this guy looks out his door to see who he let in. He sees me, and  I’m like “hi!!”, he looks me up and down and is like, “NOOOO Zeugen Jehovah (Jehovah’s Witness )!!”, and slams his door shut! Haha, so yeah.  Door to door is not effective here. 

I love Solingen and I am having a blast. And I am happy!! 

Sorry this one is so short, we are having a zone P-day!

But yeah, I love you guys. 

Elder Anderson!!

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