Monday, October 7, 2013

That Deutschland Mission Grind‏

This Saturday marks 6 weeks in Solingen, can you believe it? This transfer is already over and we will be having conference calls this Saturday to see who goes where! Aghhhh, I love this last week of transfers, everyone is just so excited to see what happens to their lives in such a big mission. You could be bumpin’ up in Wesel and then be shot down to Regensburg over 600 km away! Exciting times. 

My comp, Elder Brown, will probably get transferred away since he has been in Solingen for over 6 months or 5 transfers. And also cause he is Golden Busting me into a new city. The cards just lined up that way will almost guarantee Elder Brown leaving. So that means I will probs get a new comp. Aghh, exciting! You can just feel the energy in the air. I will miss Elder Brown though if he leaves. I love that kid! 

So this week was a pretty great week . Let me take you through a little bit of it. 

Tuesday, unfortunately a member called us pretty distressed. His father had just passed away at a family dinner. And he wanted us to Pray for them. Brother Hansen will be missed and he was a really great guy and always down to help us out. It made me really start thinking about you guys and how much I love you and how happy I am because of this gospel we can all be together forever. You guys really are everything to me and with out you all I would be nothing. This was really a slap back to reality. Made me really focus on what is important in life this week. Made me so thankful for all of you in  my life! Love you! 

Ok back to the happy! This week we went and taught a member referral named Sebastian. Super cool guy and really into video games and computers. He said he wanted to start taking lessons cause he wanted to get nearer to god and he felt that he had a void in his life he needed to fill! So we were really excited to start teaching him. In fact we were so excited that we asked him to be baptized on November 16. He accepted and we are now working with him to prepare him to enter into that font on the 16th! 

Brother Gudgeon with Elder Anderson.
What are the odds of
 running into each other in Germany?!
This week we had a street preach in Aachen. It’s a really cool city pretty far south from us. A street preach is where missionaries in a city set up an info table on the fuß and missionaries come from all around come to talk to people and try and bring them to the table and all that good stuff. While there, guess who I met?!! Brother Gudgeon from the Mount ward in New Zealand! Can you say small world!? Craazzy! So it was cool seeing that guy in the middle of nowhere in Germany! Good times. 

Also at the street preach I went on splits with Elders Hawker and Muller! Contacted tons of people with both of them and dropped tons of BoMs. The story of the day though, Elder Muller and I were walking on the fuß and I felt like we should go to the park and talk to people there. After walking around for like 10 min I felt prompted to go and sit next to this guy on a bench! Went sat and he started talking to us! We talked about family history programs that our church offers and then gave the dude the first lesson! So crazy. So the moral of the story, keep the spirit with you and you will be able to work miracles. He didn’t really fit the stereo type for my kind of contacting. I usually am hitting that 14-25 year old range when it comes to contacting. This guy was in his 50s. But I just felt to sit next to him and listen to this weird little urge in my chest. I listened and it worked out! He said that earlier that day he prayed to God to send him messengers or a sign of hope because there are some things in his life he is struggling with. I loved this experience. Right after that Elder Muller and I found a quite place and prayed and said thank you to Heavenly Father for the amazing opportunity that we had just had. Pray for Heinrich. He doesn’t live in my area, but I hope he progresses. 

General conference this week was so cool. It really is such an amazing thing when you stay awake for all of it. Haha! But really there were so many amazing messages and it was really inspiring for me. I loved all the talks where they spoke of missionary work, that stuff really helps us missionaries out in ward councils. President Monson’s talk about his wife got me a little teary eyed. It was cute and made you realize those guys really have feelings and they are people too. Same thing with Holland’s talk. Just made them seem really personable to me. Such an awesome session. We watch the last one this Sunday. Oh man, watching them film through Salt Lake and stuff and thinking about what I was doing last time conference was showing made me pretty homesick. I love you guys! Haha. 

Aghh, Teina and Tahei are there?! I love you guys, you will be amazing missionaries. Love you so much, and I know that you will carry the Anderson name well! 

I love you guys, thanks for everything you guys have done and continually do for me.


Elder Anderson

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