Monday, October 21, 2013

Ich Bin Sehr Glücklich!‏

(I am really happy!)  

I am so happy right now. This last week was good, life is going great and this transfer looks like it is going to be absolutely amazing. 

Said good bye to Elder Brown this week, we had a good last couple of days together. He threw up at one of his last appointments all over their Patio. Haha, it was great, I got some pics. 

He left and I hung out with Elders Muller, Swan, and Craft until it was time to go and pick up Ruff from Düsseldorf. 
Elder Ruff and Elder Anderson
New Companions

Went and met up with Elder Ruff later in the day and it was just super fun right from the get go! Elder Ruff is awesome. We are getting along great and he is teaching me so much. Elder Ruff is from Herriman, UT. He is one grade older than me and he went to Itineris (its a really smart kid school). He is an awesome missionary and it is such a great opportunity for me to work with someone with as much experience as he has. I am learning a ton! Elder Ruff is known in the mission as the Member Missionary work master. He is definitely living up to the legend. He is teaching me stuff and showing me things that are literally changing my mission. It’s like the productivity of my mission is just going to expand and expand! Like I can’t even explain how great the opportunity to work with Elder Ruff is. I am growing a ton and just enjoying life. He has perfect German and is teaching me a ton  there too! He is just a super hands on get it done sort of guy. Its just been 4 days, but we are already making a great friendship. Life is good. 

So this week we had Pfahl Konferenz or Stake Conference. It was really good and we got to go to Düssldorf for a lot of the day. All the missionaries from the stake or zone were there. I love little Missionary reunions! Super great to see everyone. Elder Hawker says, “hi” btw. 

So cool story, we are at Pfahl Konferenz and this 20 year old guy comes over to Elder Ruff and I and tells us that he was a member of the church. But because of some choices he decided to take his name of the records and just leave the church completely, sort of just disowning it. He was on the computer a week ago and was just surfing the web, when a video with a segment from Uchdorfs "come back" talk from General Conference popped up. Curious, he opened the video. Long story short he saw it, cried, and really felt the spirit. He found us and he said I want to come back, I want to be re-baptized and join the church. But first I need you guys to teach me. It was such an awesome moment, the spirit was so strong. We are so blessed that this opportunity came up and we are so excited to work with him. 

It’s crazy how many blessings you receive on your mission. I think a ton of it comes because we are out here for 18 to 24 months just trying to bless the lives of others. 

Nik busted out his shoe playing basketball.
I was just thinking the other day about how much I have changed, all of it being for the better. I am the same ol´ Nik. But just a different Nik with a changed heart. I see things differently and I really am seeing what is important in life. Family. I am going to be a better husband and father one day because of this. I am going to have a stronger family. This whole 2 years is really making me focus on that one thing. Families can be together forever. 

I love you guys thank you for everything that you guys do for me. I love you and I pray for you guys every day. You are awesome! 

I’m going to Köln to hang out with Elder Hawker today, so I gotta go ! I love you guys 

Liebe Servus! 

Elder Anderson

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