Monday, October 14, 2013

Alles Nue, Tschüß Brown, Servus Ruff‏

Servus meine geliebte leiben! 
(what’s up my beloved loved ones) 

Elder Brown and Elder Anderson at the Temple
Well the Transfer calls have been made! Elder Brown has been transferred out. I had a fantastic 6 weeks with him and I really learned so much from this kid. He is a great guy and he has a fantastic mission ahead of him. He really is such a good friend of mine! He is going to serve down in Langen in the Hiedelburg zone! Not Erlangen though. Langen is the smallest area in our mission and it is like 30 min outside of downtown Frankfurt. He is gonna rock it down there . 

So my new comp, haha it was actually a really big surprise to a ton of people in the mission. But I am so excited to work with this kid! His name is Elder Ruff. This is why it was a big surprise. He is the son of our current AP, Elder Jardine. (that means that he was trained by him, so its like saying McGinn is my dad) So being the son of our current AP he is already a mission legend.  But on top of that he has been a Zone leader the last little while, a really  great Zone Leader at that. And everyone was guessing that he would become the new AP. But nope, he just got released as a ZL and moved up to Solingen of all places  to work with Elder Anderson a 4th cycler. Hahaha I really am so excited to work with Elder Ruff. Everyone loves him and says he is a stellar missionary, one of the best in the mission.  I am going to learn so much from this kid. This upcoming cycle will be absolutely fantastic! So excited! I will go and pick him up from either Köln or Düsseldorf this Thursday. 

Other than the Transfer calls nothing super interesting has happened this week. Its been a slower week, but things this coming week look like they are going to pick back up again! 

We set a baptismal date last week with a great guy named Sebastian. We went back to teach him this week and he wasn’t home and didn’t answer his phone. And we still can’t get a hold of him! Dang it!! But it’s ok we will keep praying for him, he is a great guy and he knows that with faith and effort on his part he can and will continue to progress! 

Sorry that this letter is a little shorter, but I planned a Zone P-day Party, and I need to bounce and get to that!! 

I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for everything you guys do for me! 

Servus !! 

Love Elder Anderson  

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  1. Is Elder Ruff from Herriman? I have a student (Jaxson Ruff) who told me his big brother is serving in Germany. They are an amazing family. You will have to ask your missionary where his comp is from :)