Saturday, May 10, 2014

YO. Skype time.‏

Because Elder Nik was being transferred the same week as Mother's Day, we weren't able to arrange a time to talk.  So he just had to send us a time and we had to make it work on our end.  Looks like we'll be playing hooky from church!

Hey everybody, I’m here safely in Aachen with my son (golden) Elder Brande. It is thus far a really interesting experience opening an area and training. But I am loving life!!

So the members here are really kind. We called around to see where we could Skype (Mission rule is we can only Skype in a member’s home). But the Egley family here in Aachen invited us over to Skype! So yay. I will be getting on at about 18-18:30 my time. So yeah, plan accordingly! I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!

Love you and see you then!

Love, Elder Anderson

P.S. email me back once you see this and then give me your Skype address! Love you!

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