Monday, May 5, 2014

Stadt der Könige‏

"City of Kings"

Well this was a really eventful week here in Erfurt!  Lets just get right into it, starting with the Transfer Results.

Transfer Results: President Schwartz called me and released me as the District Leader in Erfurt. He then told me that I was going to open up in the city of  Aachen, back in the Düsseldorf Zone. Pretty crazy. Then he called me as a Trainer. The next 2 transfers I will be training a Golden! And then he told me that I would be working as a University Elder and then I was Called to be a District Leader over the cities of Aachen and Bonn.

So as you can see, haha, there are quite a few changes coming up! I will be leaving early this Wednesday to travel to Frankfurt. I will be in a new trainer meeting most of the day and then early on Thursday morning I will get assigned to my new Golden! We will then Travel to Aachen.

When President called me up to give me all of the news, he told me that Aachen is a bigger city than Erfurt. He told me it was also home to one of Germany’s best and biggest Universities. So he gave me and the Golden the Assignment to work as Uni Elders. That means that when we will be focusing almost all of our time and energy on the University and on the students there in Aachen.

This is going to be an awesome adventure. I’m excited to work with my new district and opening will be crazzzy! Its one of those things that I just have to trust the Lord and know that what is happening is what he wants. Usually Goldens are born into pretty solid environments. Haha, The new Elder is going to ask me about the city and I will have to say.. Hmmm I really don’t know anything about it. We are both getting dropped in, haha! It seems to be mission family tradition. Elder McGinn’s trainer opened up in Bonn and trained him. Then Elder McGinn opened up and trained me in Erlangen and now I am opening and training in Aachen!
So, I know that next week is Mothers Day and we should be able to Skype. But since we are getting dropped in, I don’t know where we will do it or what time. So I’ll try and let you guys know via email ASAP.

This last week in Erfurt has seriously been amazing. Elder Norman and I hit record numbers this last week and have been seeing so much success. It is crazy looking back at how much I have grown this last little bit of my life. I will forever love this city and the people and friendships that I have made here.

I have a ton of pictures to send you guys but the computers here don’t work very well.  I’ll be back in the Land of big cities next week though, so I’ll send you all the goodbye pictures from Erfurt next week!

Thank you all for your Love and Support!!

Love you Guys!!

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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