Monday, May 19, 2014

Abenteuer Zeit‏

"Adventure Time"

Wow that was awesome getting to see you guys last week! I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything. What time was it when you guys got on to talk to me??
Me and my "Golden", Elder Brande!

It sounds like you all had awesome weeks! That makes me happy.

So… my life here in Aachen. It has been, simply put, an Adventure. Haha.

We have been here now for almost 2 weeks, and we are starting to really get the hang of things out here.

It was pretty funny, we got here and then a couple of days later we were riding a train to this city called HerzogenRath to try and find a referral. We get of at the right stop and we just start walking in the direction of this referral. About 2 hours later and being completely lost, we look around and discover that we had walked right into the Netherlands! Haha.

It was crazy getting out here too for the first time. So Elder Brande and I missed our Bus to Aachen and so we had to take Sbahns and REs across the country with 4 train changes!! We missed 2 trains doing that and got stuck in the middle of no where a few times. What a crazy first transfer for Elder Brande.

The ward here in Aachen is awesome! Really really love it. They have been so helpful in getting me and Elder Brande adjusted to the area. The Egly family is super awesome, they are the ones that you got to see during our Skype call.

Last little bit in Erfurt.
As far as teaching goes, we have been teaching a ton of member lessons this past week. Really just focusing on getting good relationships built in the ward.
We are still working hard to find some solid investigators in the area. Its a little slower right now. But if Erfurt taught me anything, it is that hard work will pay off. It might be a little slower at first, but constant faith, prayers, and hard work and we will be seeing success!

Thank you guys so much for everything that you do for me. Seriously, seeing you guys and just getting to hear you all. Mencshen kinder. You guys mean the world to me. I love you all so much.

Have an amazing week!

I love you guys,


Elder Nikora Anderson

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