Friday, July 26, 2013

Week Number 6! So Many Miracles!

Sorry I'm so late posting Nik's P-day letter to Friends and Family this week.  Our Wi-Fi went out and it took a while to get the problem fixed.  

Well this week has really just been absolutley wonderful. I have definatley seen miracles that can be traced back to everyones prayers and fasting on behalf of people of the Nürnberg and Me and Elder Mcginn.

First miracle, it is P-day, we have 5 appointments today. We usually don't even have 2 appointments on a normal day. So grateful for our ward they are really pulling through for us now. This first transfer I was feeling a little down on occasion because there wasn't really much that would be going on because we were focusing so intently on the ward and the members. That has payed off now. They love us and trust us and they are way more unified. And they are just setting up tons off appointments with us and inviting less active or non member friends. It is a great area and Erlangen is getting ready to explode with growth, I feel it. 
Next miracle, our Bishop is taking us to just fill up our pantry with food. That is really nice of him and we are so thankful for it because we have been eating cereal for a week because we had to blow nearly 200 Euros on Bahn tickets for the upcoming month, hopefully we are reimbursed. Haha but getting some food will be nice ! Haha 
Next big miracle, I have a trademark contacting technique . I made it and it is mine. And no one had faith in it. At night when we have to be back in the apartment I lean out of our kitchen window that look out at the entrance of our building. And I just sit there and just yell out "wie gehts " or whats up to people and try to start a conversation. I have done this with no luck for 6 weeks. 5 days ago a girl stopped and actually had a conversation with me. I gave her our number and she actually texted us and she came to our big church summer party 2 days latter. Her name is Lucky Lisa. 
So life out here is really good, haha. Things are starting to really pick up and I am in love with this area, I know I say it a ton but I hope that I stay here in Bayern the majority of my mish! 
Cool side note, Elder Ogden was called to be a Zone Leader in the Dortmund zone, which is famous for being the most successful zone for a long time and just having crazy good numbers. NOT FOR LONG, HAHAHA. 
Thank you guys for fasting on my behalf I love you all oh so very much!!  The scripture of the week is a good one. 2 nephi 2:25. 25  Adam fiel, damit Menschen sein können, und Menschensind, damit sie Freude haben können.  Adam fell that men might be, men are that they might have joy ! Be happy, it is key in everything. If you have a good outlook on life then you will have a good life. As a man thinketh, so is he. Remember that. Thank you guys for instilling that positive outlook on life inside of me. It really does make a huge difference for me. It has blessed me so much out here. Sometimes stink things happen out here, but really, other than the lady having her face shredded nothing has phased me.

I love you guys so much !! I gotta go get ready for some appointments and shopping! 

Ich liebe Ihr

Elder Anderson

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