Monday, July 1, 2013

Dritte Woche, Alles Güt!‏

Dear Loved Ones :)

Oh man, this week has been a good one. There have been so many growing experiences this last little while. Things are not all that easy, in fact, sometimes I feel like this is the hardest thing I have done in my life thus far. (some of you reading this will now be able to say "told ya so" haha) But life is not supposed to be easy. Its like, one of my favorite quotes goes, "THE HARDEST STEEL IS MADE IN THE HOTTEST FLAME!" I am out here to serve the people of Deutschland, spread some of that good ole´ Wahrheit, to love everyone and to grow into a better person.  I love it out here and I love the trials I have encountered thus far, they are definitely helping me to change into a far better person. While there are some trials, I don't want you guys to worry at all! Life seriously is so amazing and I am having a fantastic time! 

So, amazing things that have happened this week. Hmmm, well I will start with one thing that for some weird reason really changed my mindset. We were on our way back from our investigator named Monica's house. We were on the bus just chatting when our bus pulls up to a stop. We looked out the window and there was a lady in a wheelchair that had fallen of the curb and fell on her face, she had beer bottles and from where we were it looked like she had thrown up a ton. There were a couple of people helping her so we thought nothing of it, until our bus driver completely stopped and ran off the bus. We got a better look and realized that the puddle of what we thought was throw up was actually blood. So we ran off the bus to see if we could help. When she fell off the curb, she smashed a beer bottle and it just destroyed her face. I now know that I couldn't be an ER doctor because I was trying not to throw up. She had glass in her eye and she literally skinned half of her face. Her head was soaked in blood. We asked if we could help and an ambulance pulled up and took her away. No idea who she is and what happened to her. But I hope that she is OK. Sorry for the gore filled story, but I just thought I would share it because that one moment really changed something inside of me. After that I just felt sick and sad. We didn't really talk at all the rest of the bus ride home. Right after that i just prayed, I can honestly say that I have never prayed for someone as hard in my entire life, as I prayed for that lady right there. I felt so humbled that I couldn't really do anything for her other than pray. In simple terms, it just broke my heart and really humbled me in the weirdest way. It made me think about how fragile life is and how important it is to just love people. When all is said and done, one of the only things we will have left is love. Love everyone. Its Important. After that, and after that prayer I just felt this sort of fire burning inside of me, just wanting to let everyone know how much I love them. God works in mysterious ways. It was not a pretty thing to see,  but it truly changed my heart. I am not out here for me, I'm not out here to get the most Potential Investigators in the mission. I am out here to get closer to my heavenly father and savior Jesus Christ. I'm not really sure how I connected all that stuff in my head just from that one incident. But those are the thoughts and such that I had following that incident. Strangely humbling. 

Another funny story this week happened at the bus stop. So we sat down and had about a 10 min wait. We had some cookies and so I was offering cookies to everyone. No body wanted cookies from the random American kid. It was pretty funny. So everyone eventually got on their buses except for us and this girl. I offer her cookies. No response. Then this older guy comes up, same thing no response. I just start blurting out random things in German trying to start a conversation. I'm just like " hi, my name is Nikora, I come from America" still nothing. Then, since it was hot, I decided to talk about the weather. I say "Ich bin heiß." Boom, that got their attention. they look at me all disgusted, and I am just confused and my comp is just laughing his head off! So they get on their bus and my comp tells me that saying I am hot in German or ich bin heiß is basically saying I am super aroused. Haha so that was pretty funny. When out here I guess you have to say "Es ist bei mir hieß" which means it is hot to me. Tip 1. don't say that you are hot. hahaha

So yeah, this week has really been so great. I am so lucky to have the companion that  have. Elder McGinn is such an awesome trainer and companion. The work is moving forward. The ward situation is going great right now. We got to watch the world leadership meeting. That really really helped out our cause. The ward really kicked in after that. It was awesome and super powerful. I love our ward and that, I think, has been the biggest help for me. They have grown up in a different culture we look at things differently, we can either bump heads or we can love each other and go about doing the lords work to the best of our ability! While I have been out here I have gained a new respect for missionaries and the ward mission leader. I hope you guys really reach out to the missionaries and the WML. In fact I challenge you to reach out to them. You have no idea how much they would love and appreciate that. Also, don't ever be scared to share the gospel. One thing I learned from that Leadership thing was that if you share the good word out of love it can and never will hurt you! 

On the note of member missionary work, we got these numbers from the Mission HQ. These numbers are for our mission:
-if you contact 1000 people on the street 1 will get baptized
-a referral from a member than number goes up to 300 out of 1000
-a friend of a member and the member is present during lessons the number goes up to 600 out of 1000
-and if this friend is taught in the home of a member the number rises to 800 baptisms out of 1000 people.
So just from those numbers you see how important it is to make sure you are just super tight with the ward. That is our biggest focus right now. We are just setting up tons of member appointments to get to know them and gain their trust and hopefully get them to help us out and hop on this giant wave of mission work!

Did I mention our phone situation? Broke our phone, sent it into Frankfurt. Still no phone! Not gonna lie, I am feeling a little handicapped with no phone. We start talking to someone and get their number and then its like, "oh let me text you and set up an appointment with the phone I don't have". Pray that we will get our phone in the mail soon! Haha, Really everything is great out here though. I am happy. Erlangen is suuuuppper cool and the people are amazing.

I love you guys the church is true.


Gott bei mit euch bis auf wiedersehen ! 

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