Monday, July 8, 2013

Meine erste Monat hier im Deutschland !! "My first month here in Germany!"‏

The one pic Nik had time to send today.  

Wow oh wow, can you believe that it has been 1 month this week that I have been here in Germany! Time seriously is flying by. Thank you guys, so much, for the praying and fasting that you have done for me thus far. It really does help me out soooo much!! 

So some cool things that have happened this week. WE GOT A PHONE!!!!! Aghh finally, haha. It was so rough meeting people and trying to set up appointments with no phone. We literally prayed daily and called the office daily trying to get a phone. The world has changed now, just like they said in the world leadership broadcast. We are in a digital age and we need to be able to keep up with it. So the phone, wonderful!! Haha, it has been so nice!! 

My companion and I seriously get along so well mit ein andere "with one another" it is such a blessing that I was put with the studly, one and only, Elder McGinn. He is a great kid and a fantastic trainer, the best missionary you will ever meet, but more importantly, he really is such a great friend to me. And I have really needed that out here. I am in a new land "country" (literally that is what they say for country) and I cant speak German all that well yet and missionary life is way harder than I imagined and I get homesick occasionally. But Heavenly Father really loves me and knew that Elder Mcginn would be a homie and  the right guy to train me and get me all adjusted and keep me happy! We are pretty good cooks and we have been living pretty good. He loves ice cream. Dad... a man after your own heart ! Haha , except he is a giant, his arms are the size of my legs. He played football at BYU. He is a smart kid too! So he really has been an amazing companion. Love him! 

Haha, Remember Elder Hawker from the MTC? That kid is still doin well, he is the only one I have stayed in contact with. He was  my best friend from the MTC. Hey says Hi to you guys and Kyrstin and especially Kowhai hahahahaha. He is up in Köln.

Also when did you guys all fast and pray for us exactly? Because I kid you not. People by the dozens have been coming up and talking to us, that doesnt happen!!! And I am sure that there is a definite correlation with the prayers and fasting! Another thing that might be helping is my scripture study, haha. So I've been doing scripture study, but it wasn't as diligent as it could have been, I would space out go get some ice cream and stuff and then keep going about my day not really reading the scriptures with a prayer in my heart to find answers ya know? So I wake up one morning and I'm like, mehhh ill try and really study my scriptures today. So I study my scriptures pray for the people of Germany and then go and just really study. Low and behold, we go out on the street, and this lady runs up to me and asks if I speak Portuguese cause she said I look like I do ...(side note, I have been asked so many times if I am Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese, haha, the Elders here just decided to call me Alejandro.) ...But back to the story, this lady just runs up to us and asks if I speak Portuguese then in super broken German she asks us where our church is and when because she said she needs God! Then we are on the bus and this drunk guy comes on and starts talking to us and asking questions and then we are at the Hautbahnhof "main train station" and this sketchy skinhead guy comes up to us and says he has messed up his life and he needs God! He asked us for ein bibel "bible" but we didn't have any more Book of Mormons or Bibles on us! Stink! But we are gonna find this guy and give him one! And then later the next day we hop on a bus and these 3 German teenage girls tell us to go sit by them and they beckon us back to sit by them. And at first McGinn and I were like. "no thanks" ( we thought it would be like the other times stuff like this has happened and people in larger groups tell us to come talk to them and they just make fun of us and call us idiots and tell us we are murderers and all this crazy stuff) but finally we go back and they were actually friendly and they listened and we threw down some of that good ole Wahrheit "truth". So with all this good stuff happening I'm like, hmmmmm I should probably study my scriptures this diligently jader tag "every day"!! Also thank you so much for your prayers and fasting I know that we would not be running into people like we do with out your spiritual support back at home!! Tell all the family and loved ones thank you too!! I really do feel so humbled this week by these crazy things happening. I promise you that we could not have done all this stuff by ourselves! Just like our buddy (this is a real guy we met out in Herzo) homeless Steve's hat says, "god is good all the time". I testify that to you. He loves us all and if we strive to come close to him and gain inspiration he will open up your minds, all we gotta do is pray daily and read the scriptures , CTR daily and try to become more like him every day and use the atonement when we slip! I know those sound like the usual primary answers, but it is true. All of it. Just keep it simple and good!! 
So, out here after a geistige gedankt "spiritual thought" we leave everyone with a Verpflichtung "commitment or challenge" so my verpflichtung for you is this. Read your scriptures everyday this week diligently and study them mit gebet "with prayer", then pray for wundern "miracles" or answers to prayers. Anyone who reads this letter, I verpflichtung du "you" to try this out and then let me know the wundern that you  noticed. And just so you know, waking up every morning , being alive and being happy is a wundern. So ja "ya"!! Let me know how this goes! I'm excited to hear back about your experiences and the miracles that you noticed!! 

I love you guys so stinking much! I hope all is well, thank you for the weekly letters and everything, its keeping me sane !! Keep letting me know about everything in your lives and if their is anything in particular I can do for you guys! I hope me throwing in German words didn't throw things off for you guys!! Haha, but its a good way for you guys to learn right !?!  
Well, I gotta go catch a train to downtown Nürnberg so I gotta go, I'll be back later to send some pics and what not!! I love you guys!! 

Also, this weeks standout scripture is Helaman 5:12. remember to build upon Christ. He is our rock, our Lord our Savior and Redeemer! I am really learning to do this while I am out here. Every plan we make and everything we do we are trying to involve unser "our" erlöser "Savior" and the heilige geist "holy ghost" in everything. With them in our companionship, we can not loose! 

Gott bei mit euch bis auf wiedersehen 
" god be with you till we meet again " 

I love you all, thank you for the support! 

Tschüss !  

Love Elder Anderson 

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